Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Holiday Mission

So I thought I would set myself a task to get my army painted sooner, before I go back to work I must have a basic painted chariot. It's now the 30th and this is how far I've got:

Luckily I'm off until the 3rd January so here's hoping. So far I have base coats on most the white fabric (Astronomican Grey) the armour painted, horses have a coat of Calthan Brown. The other thing is some the wood with an undercoat of Khemri Brown however I have decided to change direction here. I haven't been sure if I wanted a raw wood effect of one that was white but now I think I'm going for Beached bone as the top colour. I'm going to start with Calthan brown as the foundation and then might see how jumping straight to Bleached bone works. I have to keep reminding myself although I want these models to look great I also want to get them on the table painted so think I need to cut out some steps here and there.

Of for now, unfortunately I have many other missions to complete.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

More painted miniatures

Here are a few more of my painted miniatures, first off is my Mage. This was a bit rushed but I certainly learnt some new painting skill to use elsewhere. One thing I do regret is the white which needed to be done in a few more thin layers.

I'm really happy with the green cloth in this one and the swirling magic orb came out really well. I think with this model I was a bit braver and also pushed myself to be less picky and just get it finished.

Next is the example of a just under basic Reaver, I completely made up the horse colours but that ended up being about 7 different layers. I'm happy with the results but might follow a simpler method next time I paint a horse. You can't tell from this picture but I think the green scheme work best on these models. In fact it was the Reaver's and Scouts that made me pick green and more of an advance army feel.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

So almost a year

Right so I've been playing almost a year and this is where I'm at. You can see how my green colour scheme is coming on at what different units are going to look like. I have a lot of models at what I call basic painting point by which I mean they have all the colours on and some basic detail but not all the washes and highlights. The plan is to get everything to a basic standard so they look good when fighting and then finish them off as I go.

This is a Sword Master example, I have 21 of these painted to a basic standard and 10 finished.

Sea Guard have 10 fully painted and another 24 nearly at basic standard (just need to paint gold)

This is the Bolt Thrower, the machine is finished but the Elf's need a few final details.

So that's some basic's of my army, more to follow later.

Two day challenge

So the big monster hunt was last night and fun was had. As for paintings despite a few life bits getting in the way (christmas shopping) I thought I done quite well. Here are the results:

The Great Taurus is left needing some more highlights and all the horns etc.. need finishing off.

This is to be my BSB but was a Prince for last nights game, lot's to do here but the main colour scheme is on. His set up for the night was Prince with Foe Bane (wound on 2+, 25) Armour of Caledor (2+ Armour see Flaming, 25) Talismen of Endurance ( 5+ Ward,30)

The second was set up with Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Dragon Helm (+1 Armour, 10) Bow Of Seafarer (Bolt,60) Guardian Phoenix (5+ ward,25) and got painted to here:

Although both performed ok I only killed one Stegadon but the main reason was bad rolling. Prime example is with 8 rolls getting 6 - 1's now that's bad luck. Anyway here is a picture from the battle:

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Where I'm at with my painting Challenge

So things are going ok, better than I thought however I don't think I will get to 100% of my target. Here is where I'm at with two hours to go:

Them Elves need a lot of paint but on the upside happy with the Great Taurus even got some basic basing down.

Will do where I got to pic tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Blogging again

Right so I haven't been great keeping up with this blog but plan a catch up session over the Christmas break. I also have a new phone with a decent camera on so it's easier to take pictures and up date as I go.

One thing that will have to change is the core essence of the blog as now beyond Warhammer there will be some Malifaux thrown in for good measure.

Right the Christmas break starts with an on the table segment, where I have two missions. First I want to paint one of my Chariots while at my Parents house for Christmas (4ish days) then more immediate is the picture below:

This last club night of the year has a fun game planned (CLICK HERE TO READ) and this may need the Great Taurus so that needs a basic paint job. Then for my group of mercenaries I'm taking two princes (at least that's the plan today) With this idea is the push to get my Prince with a Bow painted as I love this model and also my converted BSB. It's now Tuesday Lunch time and I have until 6pm Wednesday to get basic colours on so they look good on the table for this game.

Wish me luck,


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Great Eagle

This is my finished Great Eagle, was a bit of a rush job as someone needed to borrow it for a tournament and spent some time on the basing. I was hoping to get the Eagle look more like it was swooping down, skimming the tops of rocks looking for pray while keeping out of site. So I added a styrofoam rock and tilted the flight stand back and bit to lift it's head. The way the Eagle usually sits it looks more like it's going to head butt the enemy more than rip it apart with it's talons.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Great Taurus & Green Stuff use

This story starts with me getting a late birthday present which was a box of 5 Dragon Princes, great right? however the lists I like to run don't really fit them so I wanted to swop. This all started a little after Storm of Magic came out so I thought maybe a Chimera but then looked up stats, the Cockatrice seem better but I'm not a big fan of the model that's when I spotted the Great Taurus (born in May, Taurus in the stars). Perfect as I can use it in SOM games also I can use it to proxy a second Eagle to decide if I want to get one. Plus at York Garrison (the gaming club a go to) a league has just started and if agree before hand you can take one SOM Monster/monster unit that's less than 300pts as part of your rare choice.

Right to the point, I ordered in a Great Taurus and was less than happy when I got it home, the fine cast had not worked, bubbles everywhere, horns where rough & bumpy (which to me is like a sword having a hole in) bits on legs missing, half a tusk & ear missing. So took it back and of course they where happy to get another in for me. This came back better but still not perfect but I wanted the model so Mike (local manager) kindly tarted the horns up because they where important part in my eyes. Now look below and you can see the level of green stuffing I needed to do:

But this turned out great because it forced me to really engage with green stuff and force me to learn how to use it and I was quiet happy with the results as before I hated the stuff but now I understand it better. You can see below I have managed to rebuild the top of a tusk and ear, this means I am now confident in using green stuff for other things.

I'm now thinking I could build a whole Eagle tail to swop the back of the Island of Blood Griffon for giving me a Prince on Eagle which I really want/need. To end this all off I also got the first crap Great Taurus which I may put together and paint as a statue for extra scenery. Would be a great Sinister Statue with just red eyes.

Terrain built so far

You can see it in the battle report below but this the the terrain I have made so far. I managed to do this in a week and really enjoyed it so can only imagine my house will be full of terrain very soon. Have many other ideas coming up which I will blog later.

One of the pieces I really like was a found object, the Mystical Monument was the remnants of a casting workshop I had done with some students at work. It's made of plaster so is quiet heavy and will chip but looks good for now.

Also put in some close ups of the forest which I added a rock to making is a larger piece of scenery without having to buy loads of tree.

This last picture is just of a few other bits, I really like how the random rock formation turn out and that's going to lead onto a magic circle sometime soon. Then there is the wall which is a bit flat but I think make a good piece of cover and just adds the idea that something lives (or has lived) in the area of the battle field. The idea is to have a few of these you can put together to make a field boundary or round a building (once I have one) Then in the background below you can see a rocky hill this was my first trial piece with some scrap styrofoam and then a much large two tier hill which you can see in the first pic.

Let me know what you think and I will post some further ideas and results as they come.