Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Holiday Mission

So I thought I would set myself a task to get my army painted sooner, before I go back to work I must have a basic painted chariot. It's now the 30th and this is how far I've got:

Luckily I'm off until the 3rd January so here's hoping. So far I have base coats on most the white fabric (Astronomican Grey) the armour painted, horses have a coat of Calthan Brown. The other thing is some the wood with an undercoat of Khemri Brown however I have decided to change direction here. I haven't been sure if I wanted a raw wood effect of one that was white but now I think I'm going for Beached bone as the top colour. I'm going to start with Calthan brown as the foundation and then might see how jumping straight to Bleached bone works. I have to keep reminding myself although I want these models to look great I also want to get them on the table painted so think I need to cut out some steps here and there.

Of for now, unfortunately I have many other missions to complete.

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