Thursday, 22 December 2011

Two day challenge

So the big monster hunt was last night and fun was had. As for paintings despite a few life bits getting in the way (christmas shopping) I thought I done quite well. Here are the results:

The Great Taurus is left needing some more highlights and all the horns etc.. need finishing off.

This is to be my BSB but was a Prince for last nights game, lot's to do here but the main colour scheme is on. His set up for the night was Prince with Foe Bane (wound on 2+, 25) Armour of Caledor (2+ Armour see Flaming, 25) Talismen of Endurance ( 5+ Ward,30)

The second was set up with Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Dragon Helm (+1 Armour, 10) Bow Of Seafarer (Bolt,60) Guardian Phoenix (5+ ward,25) and got painted to here:

Although both performed ok I only killed one Stegadon but the main reason was bad rolling. Prime example is with 8 rolls getting 6 - 1's now that's bad luck. Anyway here is a picture from the battle:

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