Friday, 6 January 2012

Army list for a change

Thing's have mostly been about painting so far but I thought I would try an army list to keep things interesting. This list is one I have put together for the Yorkshire Open - York Heats at the local club York Garrison It's 2000pts and a bit smaller than the usual 2400pts I play so I found it hard to make decisions. I will say now this is a list based on what I like to play and how I like to play and although I'm getting more competitive this is not an all out list.


Prince w/ Bow Of Seafarer and a few other bits (don't want to give everything away just yet)

Now the decision behind this is first I need to have a painted model and I'm yet to convert my IOB Griffon Prince to an Eagle Prince so can't take that. Second is I like the Prince model with the Bow and third is I found it hard to get a Bolt Thrower in the points so this worked out cheaper and more accurate.

L3 Archmage w/ High magic

This was an easy decision would like to take a L4 but really wanted to keep my main units the same size as I find any smaller is much less effective. I know I should take Shadow but I just like High Magic.


Nobel BSB w/ good armour and ward
L2 Mage w/ Life magic and silver wand


32 Sea Guard

Love my Sea Guard and I'm even thinking of making this unit bigger, the ability to volly your enemy and then get all the spear attacks has always work well, this unit is usually Man (Elves) of the match.

10 Arches

Special & Rare

20 Sword Masters (no brainer if nothing else it gets the other player back up)
5 Ellyrian Reavers (again love these guys)

So that's it with a few surprises in as well. I'm going to see if I can get a few games with this is will chop and change a few bit's I'm sure. This also sets a new mission in painting. Most of the big Units just need basing and touching up. Arches need painting, chariot is getting there. Lords are getting there as is BSB but I need to buy a High Elf Mage for my L2 spot and that's it.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


So my Christmas mission failed but have I've been playing catch up a bit. Above is where I'm at. I've made a decision for the white wood, for quickness I've done Caltan Brown with a layer off Snakebite then quite a thick layer of Bleached Bone. It looks a bit messy but it's been quick and although not a bright white finish it does make sense as painted wood to have a creamy white. I may have to go back and redo the spears for my Sea Guard.