Saturday, 24 December 2011

More painted miniatures

Here are a few more of my painted miniatures, first off is my Mage. This was a bit rushed but I certainly learnt some new painting skill to use elsewhere. One thing I do regret is the white which needed to be done in a few more thin layers.

I'm really happy with the green cloth in this one and the swirling magic orb came out really well. I think with this model I was a bit braver and also pushed myself to be less picky and just get it finished.

Next is the example of a just under basic Reaver, I completely made up the horse colours but that ended up being about 7 different layers. I'm happy with the results but might follow a simpler method next time I paint a horse. You can't tell from this picture but I think the green scheme work best on these models. In fact it was the Reaver's and Scouts that made me pick green and more of an advance army feel.

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