Thursday, 22 December 2011

So almost a year

Right so I've been playing almost a year and this is where I'm at. You can see how my green colour scheme is coming on at what different units are going to look like. I have a lot of models at what I call basic painting point by which I mean they have all the colours on and some basic detail but not all the washes and highlights. The plan is to get everything to a basic standard so they look good when fighting and then finish them off as I go.

This is a Sword Master example, I have 21 of these painted to a basic standard and 10 finished.

Sea Guard have 10 fully painted and another 24 nearly at basic standard (just need to paint gold)

This is the Bolt Thrower, the machine is finished but the Elf's need a few final details.

So that's some basic's of my army, more to follow later.

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